Friday, 21 October 2011

slow hand hall

so i asked long time friend Mr Hall (aka grange / plodder) to do a drawing for me for reasons i can't explain right now.
he kindly did the drawing and its ACE as i knew it would be because H is the only one of us that can draw properly, well thats not strictly true as Mr Hill can draw a mean labrador.
Anyhow so Mr Hall does the drawing and then writes this post on his blog which is amazing, I've known him since i was 16yrs and he was famous for disappearing, occasionally seen wandering the streets with a plastic bag full of records (plastic turned inside out so as not to be a walking advert)
I never asked him why he kept disappearing or why he seemed to dislike the design course we were on so much, until i read the post on his blog that accompanies the drawing

Mr Hall now it all makes sense, I wouldn't have stuck it out at all or suffered in silence as graciously if I was surrounded by people who got better grades by simply getting their dad to cut things out of wood with a jigsaw or make collages!

strange Mr Hall is now the only one of us who actually runs his own design company?
end score
plodder 1 graphic design course 0

thanks for the drawing fella


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