Saturday, 29 October 2011


i like louis theroux but i hated it when he turned his style of tv on our own entertainers especially when he went for JIMMY i couldn't watch it and turned it off.
Everybody's got something to say about JIMMY but in our house on a saturday night when we were young he offered a chance to dream, a chance to fulfill a wish, meet a hero or fly in a red arrow (or break a leg? my sister used to write in because she wanted to ride in an ambulance) by simply putting pen to paper he would FIX it for you!
he did loads for charity, was a pro wrestler before he turned to radio, we even used to stand on the Exeter marathon circuit just to see him run past!
he's a legend end of an era of celebrities

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

shots inceptions article

out-bearded by Tony Kaye

Friday, 21 October 2011

slow hand hall

so i asked long time friend Mr Hall (aka grange / plodder) to do a drawing for me for reasons i can't explain right now.
he kindly did the drawing and its ACE as i knew it would be because H is the only one of us that can draw properly, well thats not strictly true as Mr Hill can draw a mean labrador.
Anyhow so Mr Hall does the drawing and then writes this post on his blog which is amazing, I've known him since i was 16yrs and he was famous for disappearing, occasionally seen wandering the streets with a plastic bag full of records (plastic turned inside out so as not to be a walking advert)
I never asked him why he kept disappearing or why he seemed to dislike the design course we were on so much, until i read the post on his blog that accompanies the drawing

Mr Hall now it all makes sense, I wouldn't have stuck it out at all or suffered in silence as graciously if I was surrounded by people who got better grades by simply getting their dad to cut things out of wood with a jigsaw or make collages!

strange Mr Hall is now the only one of us who actually runs his own design company?
end score
plodder 1 graphic design course 0

thanks for the drawing fella

Thursday, 20 October 2011


so its cheesy peasy
but i saw him the other night in Vegas, im ashamed to admit it but coming from a family of entertainers (me being the odd one out) I LOVED IT i wanna shoot a documentary on him!
but paul is still the boss

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


well chuffed with this everybody worked really hard on it so glad its got a little bit a recognition
thanks everyone!
and to think if Chris Sabogal hadn't said enter it I probably wouldn't have bothered so we all should thank Sabogal really!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

one of the greatest records of all time (with missed notes included!)

i started to listen to all my old ELECTRO tracks the other day as i walked from venice to santa monica for no reason
the imagery that this track brought back to me against the LA sunshine was intense
to me this track was a sonic journey as i glided through the dreary streets Exeter Devon on my cherished mongoose californian
at the time I had little comprehension of were it came from.
.......riding on a mongoose californian? listening to a track put out by a santa monica based label? listening to it again walking through LA?'s funny aint it

why do i always feel the need to introduce myself to my heroes

through being a fan of his work
i learnt that you could shoot music videos and commercials and that it was a real job?!?! so naturally i felt compelled to tell him this when i saw him at HOTEL CASA DEL MAR

Mark sorry for acting like a prat!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sir Michael