Sunday, 17 October 2010


in the picture below you a see a man his character is called MAX in SHELFSTACKERS i tried to make him into more of character as the series developed as he was such a lovely man, one of those people who is completely and utterly at peace with himself and as a consequence an absolute gent
this is a note he sent me after we finished if i could be half as cool as him i'd be a happy


Many thanks for the disc you gave me on our last meet,
Absolutely fabulous, if this isn’t a hit, I’ll eat every tin of beans I’ve
Knocked over, congratulations on your great work, and of course
The boys.

Regards and thanks for the everything

John Merman (Max)

(he's called merman and a very experienced diver!)

love you John


last ep played out on saturday
i just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved i have never learnt so much in such an intense condensed period of time


stuff and that

its been kinda crazy went to LA with the wife drove down from San Fran shot an O2 job and we went to OZ, India and Poland tired but then i saw this and it made me smile if only MR PONCE could drive