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Saturday, 24 April 2010

cheers Mr H aka grange

Friday, 23 April 2010

my grandad was a bingo caller

so after shooting O2 in Lisbon and a 9hr drive and 29hr ferry crossing to get to the Uk i started shooting TOMBOLA
the shoot involved taking online bingo players who had never meet each other before on a road trip for three days
strange job on many levels from agency to production but the reason i took it was because it involved shooting real people
i got into directing by shooting friends and family and i personally enjoy seeing a person's character come across on screen by just letting them be themselves, unprompted by direction a pure representation of that individual on screen.
the advertising agency banged on about this since the first meeting, the previous campaign was awful and they were positive that they we wanted REAL people being themselves 'we have to remove ourselves from the scene film on long lens etc'
Based on a previous experience in LA using 5D's i decided to remove myself from the shoot in order to achieve what the agency wanted
Chris the DOP decorated his 5D camera with follow focus, matte box and zoom lens and used a tripod i just used the camera bare mainly with a 50mm lens
as with the previous job the cast assumed that i was just taking pictures and the Chris had the film camera, this allowed me to get closer to them and in some cases relax them (thats what i assumed anyway)
the slight danger of working this way i have learnt is that i no longer become the director, the momentum of a shoot means i often get left behind and decisions get made between the DOP and the agency almost creating a splinter group
I become a crew within a crew almost shooting a different film
the TOMBOLAS were lovely people and a great experience was had by all, it was great to hear how much they preferred our crew to previous one who apparently had made them all like second class citizens
so after the thousands of pounds spent on travel, locations, food, activities, fireworks etc an amazing thing happened we shot the last scripted scene and after many thanks bestowed upon my legendary 1st AD sir Paul, the agency left, the crew broke down the camera gear, production started organizing travel and set break down and I went and sat by the fire amongst the TOMBOLAS
over the three days everyone kept mentioning that one of the TOMBOLAS had a great voice, i was also told that the great voice had been in a horrible relationship which had lost her her home and left her single with a baby on the dole.
anyway suddenly someone shouts go and stand by dom the great voice came over and stood by me and she started to sing........i grabbed the camera and started was amazing no music she just stood by the fire and sang two songs with this amazing voice from nowhere
the rest of the TOMBOLAS all looked on and egged her on applauding when she finished
it was a truly beautiful moment of people coming together and appreciating one another the total embodiment of what I love about film and what i was asked by the agency to film for them but at that moment no else seemed to see or care people had left or were busy
i felt honored and proud to have been asked to film her, and suddenly realized that most of them knew full well that i had been filming them the whole time
I really started to like these people they reminded me of my family and friends they had complicated lives but seized a moment to have fun and forget
will it make the final edit probably not the agency will favor their own ideas and forget why they asked me to get involved in the first place but for me it should be the entire commercial as its such a pure moment, there is other footage that mentions her singing voice in previous shots that could be a build up to the event itself
so what am i saying well 3 thanks really
1. when you get you down and you've lost all your dreams there's nothing like a camp fire and a can of beans
2. thankyou TOMBOLAS your some of the nicest people i've ever met and thanks for letting me film you (my only regret is that i didn't get to have a drink with you!)
3. capturing the essence of a persons character on film takes time longer than three days and has nothing to do with staged environments or great backdrops it can happen at any time it just takes respect for the individual involved and patience......its easy you just need to open your ears.

Friday, 16 April 2010


im trapped in Lisbon because of a cloud from Iceland.......

Thursday, 8 April 2010


cliff the legend schumacher visited TREEMAN the other evening and asked him to pose with this sign to be used in my forth coming interview with danny at shots
cheers cliff!
(cliff very kindly filmed TREEMAN (aka lionel) watching the film for the first time a la the screening of THE MAGIC OF NEIL DIAMOND with Polish CHRIS i'll upload this tomorrow!)

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