Sunday, 28 February 2010


so the wife has recently gone into creative productive overload which is great....she's made some amazing things and all in coming with her philosphy of re-using take for example these chairs......she found them in the street not far from the house brought them home and covered them in one of my old comic books.....pretty cool

Sunday, 14 February 2010


i've been in Scotland with FRAME CUNNINGHAM shooting a TV campaign for CHOOSE LIFE which is a scottish organization set up to prevent SUICIDE.

the fashion world is something i know little about
having been turned down by Robin Derek at VOGUE magazine for a job to design the fashion week supplement because i said the previous one was "a bit a shit" (not realizing he'd designed it!?!)
so what with working on CHOOSE LIFE and hearing about the fella pictured above
i've found myself reading alot about him and what i've read intrigues me, he sounds by all accounts to have been a top bloke, very highly regarded by his peers and the entire fashion world

"im not an artist i just make clothes for people to wear"
Alexander McQueen


BRENT COUNCIl are useless
my neighborhood is a mess really run down, forgotten about, unloved
so i suggested to them that i build an Eco extension to our flat, something cool for the area, a bit of interest something different on the block.

since then i've had other ideas, better ideas as what to do with the garden etc but thought i would apply for planning as an exercise see what would happen

got turned down........they aren't not interested......assholes

this isn't over

Monday, 1 February 2010


this is just a test

Untitled 2 from dom bridges on Vimeo.

im tryiny to link to my vimeo!!