Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bridges Senior & sir Michael Caines debut

Gran fell and broke her hip just before christmas so unfortunately she was tucked up in hospital over the festive period.
some of my earliest childhood memorys are of going to the cinema on a saturday with my her we saw EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and INDIANA JONES all the classics.
to cheer her up i bought her a little DVD player so she could watch some movies in bed (also a copy of ZULU its her favourite film!)

the first thing she said was "is it a laptop?"

Once i explained what it was and pressed play a look of marvel and excitment spread across her face, she forgot we where there momentarily as she sat transfixed headphones on watching ZULU

it was a fantastic reminder of the power of cinema and how it can let you escape if only for a moment

(thats my dad in the picture showing her how to use it)

love ya loads gran
get well soon


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