Sunday, 28 June 2009


so LUMIX GH1 or 5DMKII???? got to get one before i fly to LA????
i bought a GH1 but think i did the wrong thing so ordered an adaptor from Hong Kong for 10 quid so i can use all my Nikon lenses on the canon avoiding the expense of buying Canon lenses??!! thus getting the 5D for 2000 quid

also just joined

please feel free to follow me into a void of abnormal tedium!!



LUMIX GH1 or 5DMKII?? im confused and i need to get one before i fly to LA??
just joined

follow me into an unknown abyss of tedium?!!


i just joined have no idea what this means im confused......follow me!??

LUMIX GH1 or 5DMK2??

Saturday, 20 June 2009

ECO FAIR (thats me in the picture reading a very interesting article on mere cats in Newquay)

so me and the willis went on down to the ECO FAIR in Notting Hill on saturday.....our first ever public outing was a success willis handy work brought a smile to all the peoples faces that stopped to man handle her le REWORN

fav’s of the day ;

Thursday, 18 June 2009

the magic of neil diamond

the film is finally finished took a while as my computer is now old and tired, but i think 9hr renders would break anyone!

big thanks to Ray, Chris, Guy, Toomas, ollie (at golden square) and the big irish man

it was meant to be just a test for the EX1 in low light but it was a laugh to do

nearly forgot thanks to NUMBER 48. the hedgehog

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


what a legend, what a beard!


There has recently been a massive resurgence in the interest in the fantastic sound of the Ukulele.
Superb Ukulele outfits like the "Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain" and the Brilliant shop Duke of Uke in East London
have helped fuel this frenzy.

Buy yourself a uke and start strumming!